In the CPBK Assignment and Online exams, you are required to take screenshots – in other words, a ‘photo’ of what is currently on your computer screen (a screenphoto or screenshot).


A FULL screenshot is always required. This means that the entire screen (including top and bottom tool/task bars) must be included in the screenshot.

Please follow the instructions in your assignment on how to name files correctly for submission.

In Windows: (Depending on your version of windows, the instructions may differ)

Option 1: Using print screen functionality

  • Push the ‘Print Screen’ button (also called ‘PrntScn’) on your keyboard. At this stage, it will seem like nothing has happened.
  • Open the Paint program: Click 'Start' and search for 'Paint', click on the Paint to open this option.
  • Press Control + V to paste the ‘screenshot’ into Paint.
  • Set up the page to Print. Go to File_Page Setup and you will be presented with the following Window:


Change the Page Orientation to Landscape. Change the Scaling to Fit to: 1 by 1 page(s). Press OK.


  • Save the image with a file name of your choice.
  • Open the saved files and press Control + P to print the ‘Screenshot’. (If printing is required)


NOTE: On newer versions of windows, pressing the 'Print Screen' button, activates the Snipping Tool. Using snipping tool is detailed in Option 2 below.

Option 2: Using snipping tool functionality

  • Click 'Start'and search for 'Snipping tool'and click on Snipping tool to open this option
  • Make sure to select 'Rectangle mode' to control what you want to snip on your screen
  • Click '+New' on the top right of the snipping tool
  • The screen will fade, and you can draw your Snip area
  • Use your mouse to drag the snip tool around your whole screen (include your top and bottom tool bars for a FULL screen shot)
  • Click on the snip tool icon in your toolbar to view your screenshot
  • Click on the 'save' icon on the snip tool programme
  • Save the image with a file name of your choice to your desktop

NOTE: In later versions of windows, you can use the Snipping Tool short cut by selecting 'Windows + Shift + S' on your keyboard to activate this programme. 


In Mac:


  • Press Command + Shift + 3.
  • The screenshot is automatically saved to your desktop. Rename it to a name of your choice.

Updated 30/08/2023