From the 2022/3 Academic year (ie exams from April 2022 onwards), an important change was been implemented - a POE Completion Deadline.

For this deadline, the entire PoE (including the ID verification, system checks, assignments, tests, admin sections) must be completed in full before midnight on the due date as per the timetable. The due dates are generally about a week before the final exam.

This deadline is applicable to ALL students, whether you are writing a paper or online exam.

NO CONCESSIONS, allowances or extensions will be given for this deadline  (Including illnesses or technical issues), as amble time is given before this deadline to complete the required work.  

For this reason, students are encouraged to complete their PoEs a few days ahead of the due date as this will give them sufficient time to query any assessment, and deal with any technical and issues ahead of the deadline. 

What happens if a PoE is not 100% complete?

  • Students will be automatically disqualified from participating in the final exam 

  • Students will forfeit the exam booking and will need to re-book the exam at their own cost for a future date. Provided the new booking is in the same academic year, a student will keep the same PoE and simply complete the elements that were not done prior to the deadline.

  • Students exam entry will be classified as ECNM - Exam Conditions Not Met

  • Students will no longer have access to Sections B and C of their PoE's.  These will re-open once a new booking is received.

How to check progress of a POE? 

Check out this article for details: