The following changes have been made to the results view and layout for formative and summative assessments.


1. Changes made to the formatives:


Students can now view their grade book on Macci. The grade book shows the students’ formative results including the results for Test 1, Test 2, Assignment 1, Assignment 2, and Assignment 3.


Assignment 3 only gets marked when the summative (final exam) exam is marked, which means that your results for assignment 3 will only reflect/show on the grade book on the days when results are released as per the published timetable. (Please refer to this link to see the timetable).


Please also note that the changes made to the grade book have not been applied retrospectively, which means that the changes are only effective from April 2021 onwards and therefore only learners writing exams from April 2021 onwards will be able to see the new grade book which will show the full assignment results.


2. Changes made to the summative:


Students have always received their summative marks from their training provider (campus learners) or from the student portal (self-study and distance learners) and this remains the same. The summative results will NOT be accessible via the grade book or Macci.


The Detailed Results Report that students receive on the release of the results will now only show the final summative mark and the final formative grade. This means that there will no longer be a question breakdown on these reports.


Example of Final result:


Test and assignment results on Macci:

Tests and assignment results are available on Macci. To view the results for the assignments and test on Macci, click on Grades in the navigation panel as seen below;


Before submitting the formatives to be assessed/graded, the following can be seen:

  1. Assignment 1 and 2 and tests 1and 2 will show the full mark out of 50 and the percentage for each.
  2. Students will also see the total mark and percentage for the full formative section when all activities have been completed. Take note that this mark will exclude assignment 3 that is marked with the final exam.


After submitting the formative to be assessed/graded, the following will be seen;

  1. Final mark and percentage for formative.
  2. Assignment 3 mark.
     Note that the mark for Assignment 3 will only be updated and be visible on Macci once it has been marked.