As from the start of the new academic year in April 2021, all PoE's will be digital. With the move to a completely digital PoE, there are some important changes to the PoE that students need to be aware of. 

The PoE

From the start of the new academic year, there will be only one portfolio per module for the whole academic year. This means that a student completes one set of assignments, one set of tests and has a single submission for the PoE. It also means that a student who needs to rewrite an exam or postpone an exam will not need to complete another PoE or set of assignments and tests.


Where a student wishes or needs to postpone an exam, the same ICB rules apply as in previous academic years with one exception:

  • A student who has booked for an online exam and who postpones that exam will be moved to the next available date that the exam is being written online.
  • A student who has booked for a paper-based exam and who postpones that exam will be moved to the next available date that the exam is being written as paper-based.

Thus, if you have selected to do an exam as paper-based, that exam will remain paper-based. There is no changing from one exam format (paper-based or online) to the other format.

Online Exam Students

For online exam students, there is an additional section in the PoE that is required to be completed. This is where the student completes the online exam as part of the PoE. The PoE is not marked as complete until the exam has been marked and moderated.


Chrome is set as the default browser for the PoE. A student may be able to access the PoE using another browser but will not have the full functionality of the PoE. In other words, a student will not be able to properly / fully complete the PoE if using a browser other than Chrome.

ID Verification

There is a new ID Verification process that is required for the PoE. Students need to upload:

  • A clear profile picture of head and shoulders (close up)
  • A copy of ID

It is important that the the profile picture is clear, that the student is not wearing a hat, cap, beanie or sunglasses. If the image is unclear in any way, it will be rejected and the upload will have to be started again.

The ID Verification is only done once and the ID and picture uploads are approved by a member of the ICB team. Please note that from April 2021, sections of the PoE will remain blocked until the ID Verification process is complete.


The new PoE has three learning phases and there is an assignment for each learning phase.

In learning phases one and two, the assignments are completed online. These assignments are also auto-marked. Thus, the student will receive immediate feedback on the submitted assignment.

The assignment for learning phase three needs to be downloaded from the PoE and completed offline. The completed assignment then needs to be scanned and uploaded to the PoE as a single .PDF document.

The ICB will not accept any hard copies of assignments.

The assignments are un-timed. However, each assignment needs to be completed on a single login. A student cannot log in, start an assignment, log out and then log in again to continue with the assignment.


There are two tests that need to be completed as part of the PoE. These tests appear in learning phases one and two. The tests are done online and are auto-marked; thus, a student will receive immediate feedback on the submitted tests.

Unlike the assignments, the tests are timed. This means that a student has a finite amount of time in which to complete a test. The test is not open-book and is designed so that there is no time in which to look up answers; in other words: you need to know your work well!


  • It is an academic requirement that a PoE is completed and submitted (online) prior to the start of the related exam.
  • Students are required to complete all of the formative assessments (the three assignments and the two class tests) in order to be admitted to an exam sitting. No late submissions will be accepted.
  • Further insight to the PoE and completing it is available on the Knowledge Base.

You can watch a recording of the live presentation on the 2021 / 2022 below....