Curriculum 2021/2022 has seen some changes to the offerings. The ICB's programmes have been streamlined into three offerings:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Office Administration

Students previously enrolled on the Entrepreneurship programme have been RPL'd onto the Business Management programme. Students who have successfully completed ENT1, ENT2 or ENT3 will receive a credit against the corresponding BMT1, BMT2 or BMT3 as applicable.

Students previously enrolled on the Public Sector Accounting programme have been RPL'd onto the Financial Accounting programme. It must be noted that students who have completed TPAC and PAAD will not receive an RPL for those modules as there is no corresponding equivalent on the Financial Accounting programme. These students will be required to register and undergo the assessments for those modules that do not correspond between the two programmes.


Assessments are completed according to the three learning phases applicable to each module (except for RTAP). Learning phases 1 and 2 consist of an assignment and a class test each; these assessments are completed online with students being auto-marked. Learning phase 3 requires students to download an assignment for completion offline; the completed assignment then needs to be uploaded to the digital PoE as a single document. Learning phase 3 also contains the final exam which is completed either as a paper-based assessment or online according to the student's selection.

The PoE

There is now a single PoE per module for the academic year. This means that students complete one PoE for each module and retain that PoE even if they are required to resit an exam. Thus, there is one set of assignments and one set of tests that need to be completed once.