If you have chosen to participate in ICB Online exams, there are a few technical settings and requirements that are compulsory:

1. Technical requirements

  1. The exam can be taken at home, office or college, but the student must take the responsibility to ensure that unforeseen disruptions will not adversely impact them. 
  2. Only a laptop or desktop can be used for online exams due to the question types. Not mobiles or tablets.
  3. Students must have a stable internet connection
  4. Students must have adequate data to allow for completion of the exam
  5. Booking for an online exam means that students agree that they have the listed requirements available at their disposal in order to participate in the ICB online exams.

    Students are to ensure that they make use of the latest version of Chrome as their default browser. An outdated browser, i.e. internet explorer will impact the performance of the activities on MACCI. The ICB cannot assist with any technical queries if it is found that the student is using an outdated browser.  

    Desktop or LaptopFully charged if laptop
    MicrophoneNo headphones
    Webcam1280x720 resolution
    PC usersWindows 7 or 10
    PC users recommended browserChrome
    Mac usersMac OSX Sierra
    Mac users recommended browserChrome
    Recommended scanning appAdobe Scan 
    Internet line speed and data2 - 5 Mbps for the duration of the 3,5-hour exam   
    Software   MS Office - Word, PowerPoint, Excel   
    PDF documents   Must be capable of downloading and opening PDF documents. A PDF reader can be used   
    Calculator   Non-scientific calculator  
  6.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all the above listed specified technical and connection requirements are met. Should a student still be disrupted, they may only apply for mitigation for circumstances beyond the scope of the technical specifications.  
  7. Technical difficulties experienced during the exam will need to be reported in the post-exam survey.
  8. Students who have not made use of the opportunity to report any issues and submitted feedback by midnight on the day of the exam, will not have any grounds for a remark/rewrite based on technical issues.

2. Webcam and browser settings

There are additional security requirements to ensure exam authenticity. If these are not completed, students will not be granted access to the exam.

  1. Before starting the PoE students must ensure that their webcam is set up correctly. Please see the document below to assist with the set up.
  2. Students need to be aware of and accept that proctoring methods have been incorporated into the PoE and the online exam to detect irregular activities. In order to enable these, students must allow certain browser permissions. Please watch the video below and follow the instructions.
  3. Students agree that irregularities identified by the proctoring methods will be grounds for academic disciplinary as per ICB's exam policy.
  4. Students agree and understand that this exam is protected by copyright law. Recording in any form, including screenshots of any part of the PoE or the exam, is prohibited.  Any such acts could lead to expulsion from the ICB and from registering for future courses (or writing any exams) and notification to the relevant authorities.
  5. Students also agree and understand that the recording of the questions asked and/or sharing these with anyone is seen as cheating and may result in disqualification from the programme.