All staff that are involved with the ICB programme at your campus should be recorded on the ICB Provider Portal, so that they will receive regular updates of information about the running of the ICB Courses.

This includes, the campus manager, finance department, student administrators, marketing, lecturers and your sales team.  

IMPORTANT: Only the main user at your campus can add and update any contacts via the provider portal.  If you are not sure who your main contact is for your campus, please contact us.

How to add and maintain contact records:

The main contact must log onto the provider portal - only the main contact will have access to the "Management" tab on the provider portal. Here they can add / amend contacts under Contact Management.   


They can also manage the "Active" status of their staff. If a provider contact is marked as "inactive", they will:

1. Be unsubscribed from receiving emails

2. Be removed completely from Macci (if they were added to the platform)

3. Not be allowed to request any information until their status has been amended by the provider main contact

The details of the contact will be synced to the provider on the database. Whenever email addresses are amended on the provider portal, database or Macci, this change will sync across all platforms.

Providers must always ensure that they have valid and unique email addresses on the provider portal  - addresses cannot be shared as Macci requires unique email addresses per contact.