Afraid that you might have missed an email sent by the ICB with regards to the pausing or postponement of exams due to COVID-19? Don't stress, as all the emails pertaining to any exam changes due to COVID-19 have been added below. Please click on the links to see what has been sent. 

Please also make sure that your contact details on the student portal are correct and updated.


13 December 2021: Season's Greetings

30 November 2021: Final Check for December Exam
25 November 2021: Exam Pre-Check and Student Portfolio Reminder
19 November 2021: Important Information for December Online Exam
17 November 2021: The 2022/23 Exam Dates Released
16 November 2021: December Exam postponement deadline
16 November 2021: Online Exam Pre-Check needs to be done ASAP for December exams
12 November 2021: ID Verification for December Exam Required

21 October 2021: Don't miss the last exam session for the year! Enter now!!! (F2F learners)

21 October 2021: Don't miss the last exam session for the year! Enter now!!! (distance learners)

13 October 2021: November exam postponements closing soon!

27 September 2021: November Paper Exam Bookings Closing Soon!

23 September 2021: IMPORTANT! Your portfolio needs to be uploaded 48 HOURS BEFORE the exam!!!

23 September 2021: URGENT!!! Do your pre-exam system checks now!

20 September 2021: You might have missed this!!! IMPORTANT Reminders for your upcoming October exam

16 September 2021: IMPORTANT Reminders for your October exams

13 September 2021: URGENT: Your October online exam technical system pre-check must be done ASAP!

10 September 2021: Deadline to postpone your October online exam (Distance Learners)

10 September 2021: Deadline to postpone your October online exam (F2F Students)

3 September 2021: Additional Subjects added to the Special September Exam Week (F2F Students)

20 August 2021: How to rebook your Cancelled July Exam (Distance Students)

19 August 2021: Your Cancelled July Exam can now be rebooked by your College (F2F Students)

17 August 2021: Re-booking of cancelled July ICB Exams

30 July 2021: FINAL CHECK for your August online exam

29 July 2021: Online exam pre-check to be completed ASAP!

28 July 2021: September Paper Exam Bookings Closing Soon!

26 July 2021: Reversal of SAQA decision to de-register Qualifications 

26 July 2021: Update on Suspension of JULY ICB Exams (at physical venues)

14 July 2021: MACCI will be unavailable on Monday, 19 July 2021

13 July 2021: Want to postpone your students for the August Exam?? Do it TODAY!

12 July 2021: Current exam options available

11 July 2021: How to opt-in for August Online Exams (Distance Students)

10 July 2021: How to opt-in for August Online Exams (Face to Face Students)

6 July 2021: SUSPENDED JULY ICB Exams: ONLINE option for AUGUST

2 July 2021: Your exam date for august has changed!! 

28 June 2021: Suspension of ICB JULY Exams (at physical venues)

3 June 2021: Your Online Exam Tech Pre-Check to be done

1 June 2021: Online Exam Pre-Check to be completed ASAP!

29 May 2021: Online Pre-Check Instructions for your upcoming June Online Exams

24 May 2021: July Paper Exam Bookings Closing Soon!

27 April 2021: June Online Exam Bookings Closing soon 

31 March 2021: Follow-up with April online exam students - reminder of all actions to be completed before exam
19 March 2021: Important Information for April Online Exam Students

18 March 2021: Student Update4/202: Online Exams - Your questions answered
17 March 2021: ID Verification for students not yet verified
15 March 2021: The Discontinuation of 4 of ICB's programmes after 2025
12 March 2021: Restart and complete your qualification by 30 July 2025
4 March 2021: Students not having registered for an exam yet

23 February 2021: Student Update 3/2021
23 February 2021: Replay link for Online Exams and How to Register
19 February 2021: Replay link for RTAP and RPL Students and Where to find your results
12 February 2021: Replay link for How to upload your assignment and the Difference between online and paper exam
5 February 2021:Replay link for how to book and postpone your exam 

28 January 2021: Replay links for the 2021/22 Portfolio and How to complete your PoE

21 January 2021: Replay link for the 2021/22 Prospectus 

22 January 2021: 2021/22 Exam Dates opening on a schedule

21 January 2021: Feb Exam Postponement date extended

20 January 2021: Invitation to Livestream on 2021/22 Prospectus
14 January 2021: Student Update 2

8 January 2021: ID Upload Required

7 January 2021: February Exams set to continue