What must I do if I want to Postpone?

All exams are currently "paused", and the exam dates for the rest of the year are likely to change.  Therefore, no date changes are going to be processed for now, until the new dates are finalised.  Otherwise, your exam date will probably have to change again! 

When the new dates are released, we will make allowances and a plan to accommodate as many students as we can, free of charge, within certain parameters.  The situation is changing daily, and we will allow a degree of flexibility when the timetable is released.

When is my PoE due if I would normally write an exam at a venue?

Normally if you are booked to write an exam at an exam centre or with your college, you would need to complete your Digital PoE by your exam day and hand in your assignments at the exam venue .  As the current exams have been paused;

  • Your Digital PoE will remain open, until a new exam date is announced.  You will be able to access your April and May PoE until further notice.  You will then be given new deadlines by which to complete and finalise your PoE online.  This will be in accordance with the new dates on the new timetable.
  • Assignments - please continue with these and keep them safe.  You do not need to upload them now, or submit them yet.  We will give further instructions and submission dates with the new timetable.

What if my subject is RTAP or a RPL?

There is NO CHANGE to these portfolio due dates.  These PoE's do not have to be handed in physically, so there is no change.  They will be marked as per the normal process.