If you are registered with one of the ICB tuition providers they would have registered you with the ICB as a Student member, as well as for your exams.  

Should you now wish to convert to a correspondence/distance learner or a self-study learner, you will need to obtain a “clearance letter” from your tuition provider.  Once they have completed and signed this letter, please submit this letter to the ICB via our online form on our website and request that your profile be updated to your new college or a “self-study” student. (You will keep the same student number and student portal login.)

However, should you be requesting to change to a “self-study” student, you will be required to complete a declaration form and submit this together with your provider release letter. But please make sure to FIRST watch this short video to give you an idea of what to expect when you go the self-study route;

Should you have any other questions about the transfer process, please contact us via our online form on our website.