All Campus Students can write from July onwards as per the original timetable

Unfortunately, not all Distance Students can yet be accommodated due to current lockdown levels and the restrictions on some exam venues. However we have been able to secure new or additional venues, but some venues still have restrictions on the number of students that can be accommodated. It is suggested to check your exam booking by accessing your profile on the student portal. 

Please refer to updates regarding COVID-19 on this link - Covid-19: Updates (click here)

PAPER-BASED EXAMS - future deadline dates: 

Exam DateEntries ClosePostponements CloseResults Release*
September 20201 August 202021 August 202023 October 2020
October 202029 August 202018 September 202020 November 2020
November 202010 October 202030 October 202015 January 2021
December 202031 October 202020 November 202022 January 2021
February 20216 January 202122 January 202126 March 2021
March 202130 January 202119 February 202123 April 2021

* Please note that these dates could be impacted as COVID-19 restrictions might have an impact on the handling of exam papers.

CALENDAR: An interactive calendar has been made available, which allows you to filter by various categories, including cut-off dates and results release dates. It also allows you to download the dates to your own calendar. To access it, please click here

RE-WRITES:  These have been discontinued from 1 April 2020

RE-MARKS: 1 month after your results are released (Cost R950)

Please click here for the February and March 2021 exam timetable, or see below.

Please click here for the 2021/22 timetable from April 2021 to March 2022, or see below.

Please click here to access the full calendar.