You must make sure that you have a stable internet connection before you start the test. The test will not pause at any stage and will continue to run for 1 hour only once you have started it. If your connection drops during the test, you will only be able to access the test for the hour after you clicked on "attempt test now". 

If you do not complete the test within the hour, it will be marked as far as you completed in the hour.

If there are any disputes or complaints, this must be submitted in writing to the ICB. These must be submitted within 2 days of you completing your test. After this period, all completed tests and marks are final. 

Please ensure that you are making use of the correct browser i.e. Chrome, in order to avoid possible technical issues

Important to note: Support for older versions of Internet Explorer has ended. This means that 
Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for old versions of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and older), which can directly impact the performance of your browsers. Regular security updates help protect devices so upgrading and staying current is important